Ofra Feinmesser – General Manager, Gilead Israel

At Gilead we begin every day with one question: "What's next?"

Since Gilead started its operations in 1987, the company has worked to create a healthier world for all people and find solutions for unmet medical needs. In the spirit of this vision, Gilead has been investing in the development of medical breakthroughs, which were considered impossible in the past. Gilead has developed more than 25 medications aimed at improving care for, and in some cases curing, some of the world’s toughest to treat conditions. In doing so, Gilead has reached millions of people worldwide.

Gilead Israel was founded in January 2016 with the aim of improving care for patients in Israel. Since the beginning, we believed that the only path to achieve these goals is to become the partner of choice for every organization or person in Israel’s health ecosystem who identifies with our vision. We work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, health funds, hospitals, healthcare providers and patient organizations – all for the benefit of the patients and their families. At Gilead, we believe that collaboration is key to realizing the vision of a healthier society and maximizing support for patients.

This goal will continue to lead us and be reflected in the daily work of Gilead Israel's team members and in our investment in collaborations, in programs for raising disease awareness, and in making medicines accessible and empowering patients.

One of the core values of Gilead is inclusion. We act on this value in everything we do, internally and externally. Gilead Israel works to promote social values that are consistent with our company’s core values. That means that each and every member of our team contributes efforts to achieve this objective. For example, since the founding of Gilead Israel, the company has supported the activities of the LGBTQ Center to advance social rights for the LGBTQ community. Gilead also supports social organizations that help disempowered communities, victims of sexual offenses, and more. We are proud to belong to an organization that sees itself as an integral part of the society in which it operates and prioritizes its social responsibilities.

At Gilead, we work to create possible.

Together with patients and our partners, we will continue to turn the impossible into a reality in Israel.

Best Wishes,
Ofra Feinmesser
General Manager, Gilead Israel