GILEAD SCIENCES ISRAEL LTD Accessibility Statement


Gilead Sciences Israel Ltd. (“the Company”) ascribes the highest importance to making its websites accessible to people with disabilities, among others, from a worldview that all humans should be allowed equal opportunities and access to services and information.

Therefore, we work extensively to enable customers with disabilities to have full access to company property on digital channels. Specifically, the company has invested, and continues to invest, extensive resources in making the site and its pages accessible, since the company considers the provision of an equal service to all websurfers, including those with disabilities, to be of the highest importance.

Accessibility arrangements for buildings and the environment

The following are the arrangements available at the company's office - 4 HaHarash St., Hod Hasharon:

  • Accessible parking, including parking for high-sided vehicles, is available in the parking garage next to the building or in the underground car park at the address listed above.
  • All of the route from the car park to the entrance to our offices (including elevators) is accessible.
  • “Induction loop” facilities have been installed for the hearing impaired.
  • Accessible restrooms are available on the office and lobby floors of the building.
  • Directional and identification signage is in place.

Accessible customer service

  • Accessible service training of employees – training sessions are conducted including an introduction to the field of accessibility, raising awareness in employees, and gradually introducing practical tools for the provision of accessible services.
  • Additional contact methods – several additional contact methods:

Accessibility of the site and content

An accessible site is one that allows people with disabilities and the elderly to use the site with the same level of ease and pleasure that is provided to all users. Approximately 20 to 25 percent of the population find it difficult to use the internet, and may benefit from more accessible web content, according to a study conducted in 2003 by Microsoft.

The company believes in and is working towards equal opportunities in the internet sphere for people with various disabilities and people who need auxiliary technology when using computers.

Information about site accessibility

  • This site complies with the requirements of the Regulations on Equal Rights for the Disabled (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013.
  • Accessibility adjustments were carried out according to the Israeli standard recommendations (ISO 5568) for internet content accessibility Grade AA, as well as the international WCAG2.0 document.
  • The tests were examined for maximum compatibility with the Chrome web browser.
  • The site provides a semantic infrastructure for auxiliary technologies and support of standard keyboard operation using a pattern of arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows.
  • Compatible with presentation in common web browsers and use on cell phones.
  • For an optimal user experience with screen-reading software, we recommend using the most up-to-date NVDA software.
  • Documents or video clips that were uploaded to the site prior to October 2017 may not be fully accessible. In the event that you come across such documents or video clips, you can contact the company Accessibility Coordinator and we will arrange for you to access the information.
  • Providing information in accessible formats: the company offers its customers the opportunity to receive information in accessible formats. The information is available free of charge and is designed for people with disabilities. For queries and information about accessibility, please contact the company Accessibility Coordinator whose details appear below.

Accessibility tests and consultations were carried out by A2Z Digital Accessibility and Marketing

Contact methods for requests and proposed improvements on the subject of accessibility

We are constantly making efforts to improve the accessibility of the company's services and the accessibility of the site in particular, as part of our commitment to making it usable by the entire population, including those with disabilities.

It should be noted that, despite our efforts to grant accessibility to all pages and content on the site, and since the site is a dynamic site which includes different content entry systems, you may discover parts of the site that have not yet been made fully accessible.

If you have encountered such a case, please contact the company representatives so that the necessary upgrades can be made as soon as possible. In general, we would like to receive requests for information and/or suggestions on how to improve customer services.

The company attaches great importance to providing quality professional services that are equally accessible to all, but please note that the site may also display content from other sites that are operated and/or held by third parties, and that such content may not be accessible. We should make it clear that the company is not responsible for the said content or its accessibility, but we will be happy to receive your comments and will try to help you to contact those third parties and bring the issue to their attention (but cannot guarantee that those third parties will make the necessary adjustments as required by law).

If, while using the site, you encountered difficulty browsing, or if you have any comments regarding the quality and/or manner of its accessibility, you can contact the company’s accessibility coordinator:

Details of GILEAD SCIENCES ISRAEL LTD Accessibility Coordinator

  • Full name: Ms. Dikla Harpaz
  • Phone: 09-8802050
  • Fax: 09-8802052
  • Email: [email protected]
  • POB 4 HaHarash, Hod Hasharon 4524075

Publication of the Accessibility Statemen

The Accessibility Statement was last updated in June 2022